25 July 2019
Hattie wins Best Bitch at the Darlington Champ Show, and gains her second CC.

25 July 2019
Hattie wins the Reserve CC at the Leeds Champ Show.

6 April 2019
All of Hattie's puppies have now gone to their new homes.

12 January 2019
We're very pleased to announce that Hattice has given birth to 9 puppies! She's got 5 boys and 4 girls. See pictures here.

15 September 2018
Hattie gets the Reserve CC at the Darlington Champ Show.

7 September 2018
Nima beats her mum to win Best Puppy, Best Bitch, and Best of Breed at the Richmond Championship Show. Hattie gets the reserve.

19 August 2018
Hattice wins Best Bitch at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show, and also gains her first CC

6 August 2018
Hattice wins Best of Breed at the Paignton Championship Show.

30 June 2018
Hattice wins Best Bitch at the Windsor Championship Show.

18 February 2018
All of Hattie's puppies are now reserved.

21 December 2017
We're very pleased to announce that Hattice has given birth to 8 puppies! She's got 1 boy and 7 girls.

9 September 2017
Hattice wins Best of Breed at the Richmond Championship Show.

13 August 2017
Hattice wins Best of Breed at the Bournemouth Championship Show.

2 July 2017
Hattice wins Best Bitch at the Windsor Championship Show.

24 September 2016
Hattice wins Best in Show Puppy at the Autumn 2016 TMCGB Championship Show.

10 September 2016
Hattice wins Best of Breed Puppy at Richmond Champ Show, and Achala wins Best Veteran. Well done both!

March 2016
Che joins us from Russia.

16 January 2016
Hattice joins us from Poland.

27 September 2015
Taya wins Best in Show Puppy at the TMCGB Autumn 2015 Championship Show, against an entry of 20 puppies.

April 2015
Taya joined us last month from the Czech Republic, and is settling in well.

December 2014
Sadly Torma's mating was unsuccessful, so we will not be having puppies this winter.

15 March 2014
All of Achala's puppies have now gone to their new homes.

16 February 2014
Achala's puppies are now reserved. We still have 1 boy available. All the puppies are KC registered, & microchipped.

3 January 2014
Achala gives birth to 5 puppies! Go girl!

January 2014
Carramia Tibetan Mastiffs is accepted into the Kennel Club's Assured Breeder Scheme.

12 October 2013
Torma wins Best Bitch at the South Wales Kennel Association show.

27 April 2013
Torma wins Reserve Best Bitch at the Tibetan Mastiff of Great Britain show.

14 July 2012
Torma wins Best of Breed at the National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Show!

27 May 2012
Following on from her success last month, Torma won the Junior Dog/Bitch class at the Bath Champ Show, and was also awarded Best Bitch.

28 April 2012
Torma wins the Junior Bitch class at the TMCGB show, and goes on to get Reserve Best Bitch.

24 January 2012
Today Meara gave birth to 10 puppies, 5 boys and 5 girls!

11 December 2011
Torma wins the Junior Bitch class at the LKA, and is runner-up in the Puppy Bitch Class.

8 December 2011
Torma joins us from Poland!

25 -26 November 2011
Meara has been mated by Chevy, puppies hopefully due last week in January 2012.

November 2011
At the Working and Pastoral breeds of Scotland Show, Carramia Peaches N Cream won BOB and Carramia Prince of Thieves won best dog.

21st October 2011
At the Poznan International Show, Torma won BOB then went into group and made top 3 Molosser.

2nd October 2011
At the Tibetan Mastiff Club of Great Britain autumn show, Carramia Peaches N Cream got Reserve BIS Bitch.

20th August 2011
This year's Puppy Party was a great success, with 4 out of the 6 puppies coming back for the afternoon. Despite a rather wet start, everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the puppies!

5th July 2011
We're thrilled to announce that Torma (Torma Nagu Tybetan Dream) will be joining us from Poland later this year. Torma's Dad recently won Best of Breed at Crufts 2011, and is an International Champion!

22nd December 2010
Achala has given birth to six puppies, she has 4 black girls and 2 black boys.

22nd November 2010
Achala has been mated to Bheara Yontan. Puppies due at Christmas. All puppies will be black.

18th November 2010
Sadly, Norbu had to be put to sleep today. His cancer had returned and gone to his chest. We really miss him, but cherish the years we had together.

July 2010
We had the puppy party at the end of July. It was not well attended but was great fun.

March 2010
We're proud to introduce Dante, a male puppy from Achala's recent litter, who will be staying with us and joining the Carramia clan!

18th December 2009
Achala has had seven puppies today. All are doing well at this time.

December 2009
Achala is pregnant to Norbu and is due on or around the 17th December...

September 2009
Many congratulations to Carramia Peaches 'n' Cream (Kira) for winning Best Puppy Bitch out of a large class of 8 in the Autumn TMCGB Show. Thank you Lyn for bringing her along for us all to see.

July 15th 2009
Congratulations to Carramia Pride n'Joy (Dylan) and his owner Hayley, on attaining his Bronze Good Citizens award!

June 20th 2009
This year's puppy party saw 6 of Meara & Norbu's puppies come back to visit us, and their mum and dad of course. Everyone had a wonderful day (puppies and humans) which was a great success!

May 2009
Some devastating news this month; Norbu has been diagnosed with a tumour in his left foreleg, and consequently he has had to have the limb amputated. However he's recovering very well, and managing to get around okay.

February 7th 2009
The last of Meara's puppies went to her new home today. We decided not to keep one this year, but maybe we'll have one from our next litter.

February 2009
Achala's hip score has arrived from the Kennel Club. She's 3/6.

November 2nd 2008
Norbu and Meara are pleased to announce the birth of 12 puppies. There are 7 boys (3 black & tan, 4 gold), and 5 girls (4 black & tan, 1 gold).

October 2008
We would like to welcome StormnAngel Gypsy Ralasa (Achala), who joined us from Canada in October. Achala is settling in well with us, and is now considering our house as her home!

July 21st 2008
Carramia Cast A Spell (Ella) wins her bronze Good Citizens Award.  Well done to her devoted owner Rona.

June 5th 2008
Meeka (Miss Orange) passes her Puppy Foundation Assessment after just 3 weeks training.  Well done to her owner Kayleigh.

May 25th 2008
At the Bath dog show Norbu wins Post-graduate Dog class.

April 27th 2008
Tibetan Mastiff Club of Great Britain show: Norbu wins Post-graduate Dog class and Milo comes second.

April 7th 2008
Tobey (Carramia Crimson Warror) gets his bronze Good Citizens award. Well done to his devoted mum Donna.

March 8th 2008
Crufts 2008: Blue Fire's Baiame at Carramia (Norbu) wins the Post-graduate Dog class, out of 10 dogs!  Congratulations also to Carramia Mystical Milo for gaining third place in the same class against some tough competition.

February 2008
Following on from her success at gaining a bronze Good Citizen award (see below), Steffi has amazed us all by gaining her silver award after just three more lessons!  Once again, well done to her owners Donna and Robert, we're now waiting to hear about gold?

December 6th 2007
We would like to congratulate Carramia Crown Of Glory (Steffi) on winning her Good Ctizen Bronze.  She was the only one in a class of 12 to pass.  Well done to her owners Donna and Robert.  Needless to say we are very proud of her.

August 4th 2007
We had lovely weather for the puppy party, if anything it was a bit too hot.  Luckily was had brought a freestanding parasol and a gazebo.  It was so nice to see all the puppies again.  We especially want to thank Sam and George for coming over from Ireland with Buttons.  Everyone had a great time with lots of food and drink and of course a good natter too.

May 2007
Carramia Mystical Milo gets his Bronze Good Citizen award.  Well done to Milo and of course his owners Caroline and Allen.

9 March 2007
Carramia Mystical Milo wins Special Junior male at Crufts 2007, well done to his owners Caroline and Alan.  Carramia Mayzie Day wins 3rd in Special Junior bitch beating her sister Carramia Mello Yello into 4th, well done to her owner Michelle.

14 December 2006
We are very proud to announce that Kaisa has given birth to 6 gorgeous puppies.  We have 2 gold boys, 2 gold girls, a black and tan bitch and boy.

8 November 2006
We are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of Meara.  Steve met Susie and Himmat in Holland and then drove back to the UK with her.  We would like to thank Himmat for considering us for one of his precious puppies and for Susie for keeping Meara for us while she did the Pets Travel Scheme.

15 July 2006
Lexie wins puppy female class at the National Working Breeds show and Kaisa was third out of six in the post graduate.

29 June 2006
We have just recently come back from visiting Norbu and Meara.  We had a lovely time and it was wonderful to meet meet the puppies and their family's.  We stayed with Martha Snyder, who is Norbu's breeder.  Martha was a great host and we had a lovely time it just flew by.  We visited Meara who is being looked after by Susie of Himalaya TM's and was able to meet Norbu's dad Ari as well as Meara who by the looks of it is going to be Steve's girl. It was hard to leave them behind. We can't thank Martha or Susie enough.

21 March 2006
All of this year's puppies have now found loving new homes.  We wish them and their new owners all the best for the future and trust they will be very happy with their new babies.

12 March 2006
We are very pleased to announce that at the end of the year we will be welcoming a new addition.  His name is Blue Fire's Baiame (Norbu).  We are very grateful to his breeder Martha Snyder for keeping this wonderful puppy for us.  Norbu is coming from the USA via the Pets Travel Scheme.

20 December 2005
Kaisa gives birth to her first litter of 6 puppies! 

1 December 2005
We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Liongate's Tay-La Chu (Taylor).  We can't thank enough his breeder Karen Szewc for entrusting him to us. 

2 October 2005
Kaisa wins Special Yearling Bitch class at TMCGB Open show!

25 December 2003
Kaisa, our first Tibetan Mastiff, was born.  Just a few weeks later we would go and visit her breeder in Wales, and choose her from amongst her litter-mates!

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