Take the test!  Can you answer yes to all the following questions?

Do I have enough time for a dog? TMís need daily interaction with their human families to remain happy and contented companions. They also need exposure to a variety of stimuli and regular socialisation with other animals and people to remain well adjusted dogs.
Do I have adequate space and housing? TMís tend to be relatively inactive inside and moderately active out of doors. However, a TM requires at least a garden that includes a secure fence.
Can I afford veterinary care, and am I willing to take my dog for a health check at least once a year? Am I prepared to spend out on spaying or neutering, on treatments such as vaccines and worming medication, and to take my dog to the vets if he gets sick or injured?
Am I prepared to feed a high quality diet? TMís are large breed dogs and have special dietary needs. Feed a high quality diet formulated for large breed dogs. Do not supplement your dog with calcium unless directed by your veterinarian and do not allow your dog to become overweight or grow too quickly.
Am I willing to be patient with house training? TMís are naturally clean animals and house train quickly but accidents will happen.
Am I willing to be patient in training? TMís are intelligent and fast learners. However, they can be strong willed and stubborn. Am I prepared to find an obedience or puppy training class? Although formal obedience is not something TMís excel with, obedience training is a highly recommended as a way to form a bond with your puppy and to set the right tone.
Am I prepared to deal with the highly, territorial nature of my an adult TM? TMís generally get along well with guests and strange animals. However, they must be properly introduced.
Am I prepared to deal with nocturnal barking? The TM has a deep, booming bark that announces his "on duty" status. You cannot leave your TM out late in the evening.
Am I prepared to be the top, alpha dog in my pack? TMís generally accept and get along well with people and other animals. However, they sometimes can display dominance.
The trials of puppy-hood can last several years. Can I deal with my property being chewed or possibly destroyed? A TM puppy loves to chew, especially wood! Am I prepared to provide lots of safe toys?
Am I willing to assure my children properly treat, hold, care for and respect a puppy? When raised with children TM's are very good with them. However, children must be taught to care and respect their new family members. Am I prepared to take responsibility for this dog and its needs as this is NOT something that can be left to children?
Am I prepared to keep my breeder informed about the dogís achievements or problems? A good breeder wants to know how his puppies are fairing and is available to help and assist new owners with any problems or concerns.
What if I go on holiday, have to travel for my job, move or have a significant life situation change? Am I prepared to deal with the frustrations of finding housing that allows animals or find a suitable person to care for my dog while I am gone? Am I prepared to continue to accept the responsibility for the dog despite these changes?
Am I committed to this dog for its entire lifetime? TMís typically can live to 15.  Am I prepared to make a commitment for the life of the dog?

If you can truthfully tick all the boxes above, then you are ready to accept the responsibility of being a Tibetan Mastiff owner!

Reference: Tibetan Mastiff Club of America, Inc

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