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Very Proud Owner
I am the very proud owner of two 1 year old puppies from Hattie and Eddie. The male is already a comfortable 10st with the large mane to boot. He has a fantastic temperament and is one of the most adorable dogs you could meet. The bitch is a like the mum kind soft and giving. They have been brought up in an adult home with no small children however every time we go out they come into contact with small children who cannot resist approaching for a stroke and closure look. Both dogs greet them with a polite sitting position with no hostility in their behaviour, in a required environment they are protective and aware. I met Hattie before buying the pups and can see her personality in both of them. Having owned large dog breeds for many years I can say these are two of the best I have had the good fortune of sharing my home with, they are treasured and part of the family. Yes they ate the cupboard door and started to eat the render of the side of the house, my garden is no longer grass but replicates a flood plan of mud. Would you have it any other way. On top of every exciting event and laughable situation I have had the support of Suzann who is a great breeder and more importantly an animal lover, with regular contact regarding the babies and caring about their future I cannot thank her enough, I would have no hesitation to say Hattie and Eddie are a great combination of parents and with good breeding homes this is a great start to any extended family of pets
Much love and thank you guys
December 2018 - Dawn

'Passionate Devotion'
We would like to thank Suzann & Steve for their advice, support and friendship. Our first contact of Tibetan Mastiffs was in March 2006 when we went to the home of Suzann & Steve to pick up our beautiful Turkish Vankedisi cat Mia, we had never seen or heard of the breed of Tibetan Mastiff before. We found the home of Suzann & Steve to be welcoming and dedicated to the cats and dogs that they breed and love. We were very impressed with Taylor, one of their male Tibetan Mastiffs, and we thought that Kaisa was very pretty. There was two puppies there at the time and we were smitten! Even though we were there to pick up Mia we found ourselves asking questions about the breed and spending time with the dogs. We went away with a very positive image of the breed. My husband really wanted a puppy that looked like Taylor, but before we approached Suzann with the possibility of purchasing a puppy we researched the breed to see if it was the dog for us. Robert had always wanted a dog but had never found the one that appealed to him until we meet Suzann & Steve's TM's. A couple of months after that visit and a couple of phone calls later we finally asked the big question? Could we be considered for a puppy of Taylor's? Suzann was very thorough and asked us lots of questions to see if we were suitable possible owners of a TM and it showed us that Suzann & Steve were more interested in the well-being of the new puppies than in just selling puppies. This made us more confident in our choice of breeder as we had researched other breeders online. Suzann & Steve kept us informed as prospective parents, of Kaisa's pregnancy and birth. I found this very important and it built a strong relationship between breeder and new owner. When we came to choose our puppy we found that we fell in love with two, a gold boy and a gold girl and after much discussion (between ourselves and Suzann who pointed out lots of potential problems of owning two TM's, especially as one was a boy and one was a girl) we decided to ask for them both. We are now the proud owners of two TM's, Tobey (who incidentally is the spitting image of his dad Taylor much to the delight of Robert) & Steffi (who is the prettiest TM ever). They are growing like weeds and are loved by all. The support, advice and knowledge of Suzann & Steve (which wasn't always pointing out the positive, but they explained all the negatives in great detail and made sure we understood everything to do with the breed) and their passionate devotion to their dogs and the breed is a credit to them and their desire to breed TM's for the pleasure of bringing new life into this world to see it flourish. We would recommend Suzann & Steve as breeders of TM's and are happy for Suzann & Steve to give any prospect new TM's owners our telephone number or email to contact us direct.
Summer 2007 - Donna & Robert + 'Tobey' & 'Steffi'

'A 5-star Experience'
Thanks to Suzann & Steve for making the purchase of Mika such a smooth and enjoyable experience. After meeting you both at the Spring '06 TM Show, then tentatively sending an email via the Carramia website enquiry page, I was pleased to receive a phone call inviting me to visit and look around. From then on everything was taken at a leisurely pace, with no pressure (unlike a breeder of another breed I once tried to deal with) no loud sighs when I phoned with yet another query! Equally important, not an eyelid batted when I said I could not collect Mika until he was 9 weeks old (unlike the "other" breeder that wanted me to take one at 5 1/2 weeks so to have the litter homed before Christmas). Mika met with other puppies from his litter and their owners at the Spring '07 TM show, and with the Summer Puppy Party as well, owning our puppy has become a great social event. I know some breeders would take the money, hand over the pup, and not phone even once to ask how he is, but Suzann and I are regularly in contact with each other. All in all, a 5-star experience! Thanks once again!
Summer 2007 - Lynn + 'Mika'

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